Supply Chain Management


Principles of Supply Chain Management

The University aims to use economic, efficient, fair, transparent, corrupt-free, competitive and cost effective supply chain management systems to ensure financial viability and sustainability for the University through sound financial governance

Supply Chain Management at University of Limpopo

The Supply Chain Management (SCM) is based on a centralised purchasing policy and procedure that allows all possible vendors, representative of all communities, irrespective and non-discriminative of race, gender or religion the opportunity to conduct business in an ethical manner with the University of Limpopo. The Supply Chain Management Policy requires that all procurement requests are forwarded to the centralised SCM department where they are coordinated, approved and finalised.

An official university Purchase Order (PO) issued by an authorised buyer on behalf of the University is the only way that the university can be committed to a purchase, service or rental agreement. The Supply Chain Management of the University of Limpopo is responsible for the procurement, approval and placing of all orders. The purchasing process is specification driven and subject to purchasing limits as identified in the Supply Chain Management Policy and determines the procedure to be followed to obtain and implement quotations and tenders.


There are several ways to report irregular activities, misconduct or fraud:

Hotline: 0800 26 26 26

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Our Office Contacts

Angelo Griffiths
Deputy Director: Supply Chain Management Tel: 015 268 2115
Supply Chain Management
Phuti Seroto
Chief Buyer Tel: 015 268 2119
Emily Ramogale
Buyer Tel: 015 268 3338
Morongwa Ralepelle
Buyer Tel: 015 268 3653
Innocent Ramaila
Database Administrator Tel: 015 268 2779
Data and Vendor Information
Thembani Bordiwa
Contracts Administrator Tel: 015 268 4063
Manstha Mamabola
Data Capturer Tel: 015 268 2116
Purchase Orders
Phineas Motupa
Stores Tel: 015 268 3209
Stephen Mogale
Stores Tel: 015 268 2776
Salthiel Mongatane
Stores Tel: 015 268 2952
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